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Garden tours alt

Guided tours through our Foodforest

In summer 2015 we moved to our property in Portugal in the beautiful Alentejo. For the time being only with tent and the things we had chosen carefully. Together as a family we built a small wooden house and in spring 2016 we started planting trees and our vegetable garden. On our nearly four hectares of land there will always be enough space for a variety of trees and so our Foodforest will always grow a little bit more. On our property there are different zones from which bit by bit a perfect cycle is to develop.

Michael beim Mulchen

our slogan

With nature instead of against nature.

What you can expect from the tour

Our guided tours are primarily intended to help you to get an overview of what is possible in a permaculture garden or foodforest and which basic conditions your property must fulfil. So if you are in the process of buying a plot of land for this purpose or if you would like to be inspired to build a Foodforest on an existing plot of land, you have come to the right place.

What to discover

Our garden has grown in recent years into a complex system with many building blocks. Nevertheless, the Foodforest is still young and so not all cycles have grown together yet and are completely self-sufficient and self-sufficient.

When you visit us, you will therefore always be there at some point in the development process and will not find a completely finished system. Because just like in nature, everything is always changing. But you can already learn a lot about the following things in our garden:

  • Water supply and wells
  • Various plants and symbioses
  • Natural pest control
  • composting by mulching
  • inclusion of animals in the cycle (chickens and donkeys)
  • Use of solar energy

Ein Foto von Michael und Sandra in ihrem Garten. Sie stehen vor einer Yucca-Palme.

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We are Sandra and Michael. We have been planning and designing gardens with a focus on sustainability, meaning and usability since 2011. We started our first attempts in Germany and later emigrated to the beautiful Alentejo in Portugal due to the better conditions for year-round cultivation.

Today we support other people who are planning something similar. If you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact us at any time.